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A Sailor’s Tale

There is a mysterious world unknown to the kingdoms of men—the islands of a ruined empire beyond the Storm Veil. It is a perilous archipelago populated with fallen cities and murky waterways, the ruins of the Jade Empire. No yet-living explorer from the goodly kingdoms has come close enough to glimpse more than a lonely mountaintop rising above the mists that guard this realm. Ancient powers, unknown to goodly scholarship, stalk the islands, promising death to any who venture too close.

To the unwary seaman, these islands may seem like a refuge from the storms of the open ocean. They hold, after all, sheltering terrain, lush vegetation, and fresh water. But even the most adventurous sailors find no succor here. Only the descendants of long-forgotten colonists have managed to carve out a shelter and survive within the mists. And though their settlements are now flourishing, they are not inclined to share their success with outsiders.

The City of Kraswul

The Dead Wars is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the City of Kraswul, a place discovered and fortified many generations ago by colonists from the Goodly Kingdoms. The original colonists were led by necromancers seeking a land more hospitable to their practices. Even now, the lively denizens of the city are ruled by a council of necromancer nobles. Each council member is the head of a noble house whose intrigues are steeped in dangerous politics and necromantic competition.

Necromancy is extremely important to the denizens of Kraswul. The necromantic might of the noble council is all that stands between them and the hordes of undead that crawl up from the ancient ruins of the Jade Empire, seeking to feast on the flesh of the living. The balance of power between the council’s armies, and the (other) undead that infest the ruins of the archipelago, influences every aspect of life in Kraswul.

The players’ characters are all dhampir, living creatures infused with the power of the undead. They were birthed in complex necromantic rituals, created by the noble houses to serve them as their champions, generals, diplomats, and spies. They hold a distinguished position in Kraswul society and are celebrated by the citizenry and nobility alike.

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