Kraswul mints its own coinage. A platinum coin is called an “obulus,” a gold is “pentacle,” a silver is “guilder,” and a copper is “groat.”

The coinage of the Noble Empire commonly surfaces in the economy. A platinum, gold, silver, or copper piece from the ancient empire is called a “decaterce,” “terce,” “drach,” or “minim,” respectively.


Item Cost Weight
- Ball (20) 2 gp 2 lb.
- Shot (20) 2 gp 2 lb.
- Shot, Jade (20) 200 gp 2 lb.
- Slugs (20) 4 gp 2 lb.
Eggshell Grenade
- Dust 10 gp
- Flash 50 gp
- Pepper 10 gp
- Smoke 150 gp
Jade Powder 100 gp
Liquid Smoke 20 gp 1 lb.

Ammunition: Firearms make use of three types of ammunition loads: ball, shot, and slug. Each type has special benefits when used with a firearm that has an appropriate type of barrel. Each firing of ammunition also consumes a charge of powder, purchased separately. Firearm ammunition can be purchased in cartridge form, paper packets including both powder and bullet, which are easier to carry and faster to load.

Bullets in cartridge form cost an additional 2 gp per set of 20 rounds. An ammunition pouch holds enough loads for twenty shots (with wadding strips), or twenty cartridges. It costs 5 sp and weighs 1 pound. A powder horn holds powder sufficient for twenty shots. An empty powder horn costs 1 gp and weighs 1 pound. You can fill your horn with powder for an additional 1 gp. Powder stored in a horn is better-protected than powder in cartridge form; it will stay dry even if completely submerged.

Submerging a loaded firearm or an ammunition pouch containing cartridges makes the contained powder ineffective; attempting to use such ammunition automatically fouls the firearm. Neither can firearm ammunition be coated with normal poison; the explosive forces applied during firing dematerialize such additives before the ammunition reaches the target. (There is probably nothing to the odd rumors that some assassins have learned to fashion bullets out of poisonous metal alloys.)

Crafting powder requires alchemist’s supplies and proficiency. Crafting bullets requires a gun repair kit and proficiency. Crafting cartridges requires alchemist’s supplies, a gun repair kit, and proficiency with both.

- Ball: The most common firearm load, this simple lead ball is sized to the approximate caliber of the weapon it is meant for. A smooth bore or rifled bore weapon must be loaded with ball (or slugs) to make use of its breach weapon property.

- Shot: More often used for hunting, this load represents a set weight of tiny, round balls. An open bore weapon must be loaded with shot to make use of its blast property. A weapon loaded with shot cannot be fired in its longer range increment; the pellets quickly lose their lethality beyond short range. A smooth bore or rifled bore weapon halves its range increment if loaded with shot.

- Shot, Jade: This load is comprised of a set weight of small jade crystals and chips instead of lead balls. Jade shot loads are used for combating undead. They function exactly as normal shot loads, except that when the attack strikes an undead, it is considered to come from a magical weapon and adds 1d4 radiant damage.

- Slug: These cylindrical loads have rounded ends, one convex and the other concave. A rifled bore weapon loaded with slug ammunition doubles its range increments and doubles the benefit of its breach weapon property, ignoring 4 points of protection granted by armor.

Bayonet: As an action, this narrow metal spike can be attached to the end of a carbine, musket, musketoon, or rifle. The attached bayonet is an improvised weapon that inflicts 1d6 piercing damage in melee. The wielder may add her proficiency bonus to attacks if she is proficient with spears. Used on its own, the unattached bayonet makes a convincing but awkward dagger. In this form, the improvised weapon inflicts 1d4 piercing damage and can benefit from proficiency as though it were a dagger. A bayonet costs 3 gp and weighs 1 lb.

Eggshell Grenades: Eggshell grenades are emptied eggshells carefully packed with various alchemical substances. They are a favorite tool of rogues, often used to create distractions. As an action, you can throw an eggshell grenade up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. Make a ranged attack, treating the eggshell grenade as an improvised weapon. Eggshell grenades can be manufactured with alchemist’s tools.

- Dust: This grenade, when it hits the eyes of its target, causes blindness until the end of your next turn. Because the grenade must be targeted so precisely, you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

- Flash: This grenade, when thrown into a fire, explodes in a brilliant flash of light. Any creature within 10 feet of the fire must succeed in a DC 10 Constitution save or be blinded until the end of your next turn. There is no effect if the grenade attack misses the fire.

- Pepper: This grenade, when it strikes the face (or near the sensory organs of a creature), bursts into a cloud of noxious, stinging chemicals. The target must succeed in a DC 10 Constitution save or be incapacitated. If a target fails its save the effect lasts for three rounds, but the target can attempt to end the effect early. This requires the victim to spend an action to clear the pepper, allowing attempt another save. A successful save ends the effect immediately. Because the grenade must be targeted so precisely, you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

- Smoke: This grenade, when thrown into a fire, emits a billowing, toxic cloud in a 10-foot-radius. The area is heavily obscured until the end of your next turn. Creatures in the area at the time, or that enter the area before the could dissipates, must make a DC 10 Constitution save or suffer 1d4 poison damage. There is no effect if the grenade attack misses the fire.

Jade Powder: Jade powder is a mixture of viscous oils and ground jade used to coat weapons for combat with undead creatures. When used against undead, a weapon dusted with jade powder adds 1d4 radiant damage to its attacks, which are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming the undead’s damage resistance or immunity. Applying jade powder takes an action. One flask is sufficient to coat a single weapon or up to three pieces of ammunition. Once applied, the the powder remains effective for 1 minute before drying and crumbling away.

Liquid Smoke: Liquid smoke is an alchemical concoction stored in a glass vial. It creates thick, opaque smoke when exposed to air. The smoke fills a 10-foot cube, dissipating naturally in one round, at the end of your following turn. The affected area is heavily obscured during that time.


Item Cost Weight
Gun Repair Kit 25 gp 4 lb.

Gun Repair Kit: This has tampions, ball pullers (in screw and worm form), and special cloths and solutions used to clean firearms. It also includes molds and trim cutters for making lead balls, as well as the templates, shears, and crimps needed to form paper cartridges. Characters are automatically proficient with gun repair kits if they are proficient with ranged martial weapons. (This is a bonus tool proficiency.) If a proficient character spends fifteen minutes using a gun repair kit to “maintain” a firearm during a short or long rest, the firearm ignores the next fouling result it suffers when a natural 1 is rolled for an attack. This is a non-strenuous activity.


All undead within the walls of Kraswul must, by Council Decree, wear a mask of identification. Called “signets,” most are purely functional, blank masks with two eye holes and with writing identifying the undead creature, its master or sponsor, age, type, and other information. The masks worn by the city’s dhampir, however, are both functional and expensive.

Dhampir Signet: (Wondrous item, uncommon.) Magically formed from wood carbon, this smooth, black mask marks a member of the dhampir caste. Red lettering on the signet proclaims the wearer’s identity and station. Gray crystal lenses cover the eye holes, providing the dhampir with protection from the sun. When the mask is worn by its attuned owner, the lenses negate the dhampir’s sunlight sensitivity trait. Some signet masks have additional enchantments to them. If the mask has additional enchantments, it will typically require attunement and can only be attuned by the dhampir for whom it was created.


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