A latent necromantic magic pervades the islands of the Noble Empire. Some scholars speculate that this “hallowing” is a remnant of whatever magical catastrophe destroyed the islands’ first inhabitants. This creates several persistent effects.

The Hallowing

Living creatures that die have a significant chance to rise from the dead shortly after the passing of a day and a night. The mechanics and probabilities of becoming undead are left to the DM to determine on a case-by-case basis. In very rare circumstances, in the deepest, darkest ruins of the old empire, even a gentle repose spell will not prevent the dead from rising again.

Mortis Semper Vincit

In the ashes of the Noble Empire, death is perpetual and ever-victorious. All undead creatures have maximum hit points per hit die and have advantage to resist any Channel Divinity powers that allow a saving throw.

Necromantic Might

When using a necromancy-school spell, you can invoke one of the following benefits:

  • If the spell requires one or more attack rolls, you can roll the first attack with advantage.
  • If the spell requires a saving throw, you can make the target suffer disadvantage on its first saving throw against the spell.
  • If the spell calls for dice rolls to inflict damage, you can reroll any number of the damage dice. You must use the new rolls.


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