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This campaign uses the 5th Edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons, with modifications provided in the following pages:


This is a high-powered campaign, as reflected by the character creation rules. Characters are all half-undead dhampir and enjoy additional points for the purchase of ability scores.

- Basics
- Dhampir Race
- Monastic Tradition
- Feats


The City of Kraswul boasts a union of Goodly (Western) strength and Noble (Eastern) grace. Fashion runs to either culture, but typically mixes elements of both. A successful free soldier might wear a silk hakama over rough cotton trousers and hard-soled boots, with a wide-brimmed felt hat, a holster-slung flintlock pistol, and an ornate katana.

- Noble Armor
- Noble Weapons
- Firearms
- Equipment


The following pages provide rules specific to this campaign setting.

- Honor
- Magic
- Optional Rules

Main Page

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