Noble Armor

Additional armor and shield types, legacies of the Noble Empire, are provided here.

Noble: Armor with the Noble quality particularly benefits its wearer when confronting the undead; damage from necrotic sources is reduced by 3, as is damage from the physical attacks of undead.


Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Light Armor
- Ashigaru Armor 250 gp 12 + Dex Disadvantage 15 lb.
Medium Armor
- Leather Scale 25 gp 13 + Dex (max 2) Disadvantage 18 lb.
- Partial Armor 1,500 gp 15 + Dex (max 2) Disadvantage 35 lb.
Heavy Armor
- Great Armor 3,000 gp 18 Str 15 Disadvantage 55 lb.
- Tessen 12 gp + 1 3 lb.
- Kappa Shell 50 gp + 2 Disadvantage 40 lb.

Ashigaru Armor: Ashigaru armor is a light armor once worn by the foot soldiers of the Noble Empire. It consists of a very light breastplate and uses laced metal plates for thigh protectors (hara-ate) and shin guards (sune-ate). It is usually worn with a light helmet resembling a round straw hat (jingasa). Ashigaru Armor is Noble.

Great Armor: Great armor, called o-yoroi, is a full suit of armor formed from small metal plates tied together with colored leather lacings and lacquered to seal them from moisture. The full suit consists of a corselet (do-maru, covering the stomach, chest, shoulders, and back), large rectangular shoulder pieces (sode), an apron of large plates to cover the thighs and knees (haidate), a great helmet with a face mask (kabuto), and shin guards made of metal splints (sune-ate). Great Armor is Noble.

Kappa Shell: Kappa shells are large armor components, usually consisting of a single shield-like piece, that covers the back. These are frequently painted to resemble tortoise shells representing their common use. A kappa shell can be worn over light or medium armor. A character wearing a kappa shell cannot use any part of her Dexterity modifier as a bonus to Armor Class. Nor can she benefit from using a tessen or a regular shield.

Leather Scale: Leather scale armor is a suit of cured leather scales riveted onto a leather or cloth undershirt.

Partial Armor: A light suit of armor for warriors who do not wish to be heavily burdened, partial armor consists of a breastplate protecting the chest, stomach, and back (haramaki-do), thigh covering (haidate), and shin guards (sune-ate). Partial armor is Noble.

Tessen: Often called a war fan, this tool vaguely resembles a metal butterfly attached to a short handle. A tessen acts much like a buckler, providing a shield bonus. It can also be used as an improvised weapon. You can utilize your proficiency bonus when wielding a tessen if you are proficient with clubs. When used this way, the tessen is a light weapon, but ceases to provide its bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

Noble Armor

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