Dual Class Characters

Warrior spellcasterThe dual class rules allow you to utilize two classes with a single character. This lets you fulfill multiple roles or better perform a single role. Dual class characters are more powerful than multiclass characters because they do not sacrifice advancement in one class to achieve it in another.

To create a dual class character, pick two base classes that you want to combine into a new class. Create a new class name that fits the combined capabilities.

Dual class characters cannot multiclass or take prestige classes; they must take a level in their dual class each time they advance.

The dual class has the better of the two classes’ Hit Dice size, Base Attack Bonus, Fortitude Save, Reflex Save, Will Save, and Skill Ranks per Level. Its Class Skill list is the combination of both classes’ lists.

The dual class has all of the Class Features of both classes. Characters that have spellcasting or similar capability from multiple classes must separately track their spell lists, spells per day, etc.; the spellcasting capabilities remain separate class features. Likewise, classes that both have identically-named spendable resources like Grit Points must track these separately; such points can be used only for the features of the class that originated them.

For the purpose of prerequisites, a dual class character is considered a member of both classes. For example, a fighter/wizard can take feats that have the fighter or the wizard class as a prerequisite.

Dual Class Characters

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