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Following are rules specific to this campaign. For those without the Pathfinder books, refer to the Pathfinder SRD website.

Character Creation

  • Ability Scores are generated using the Purchase method (Core Rulebook pages 15-16). This is an “Epic Fantasy” campaign; you have 25 points to spend.
  • All player characters are dhampir.
  • All player characters are dual class. Players may make use of the alternate class options from the Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic. Some additional class modifications apply.
  • Access to weapons, armor, and miscellaneous equipment is restricted to those appropriate to the setting (those listed on the linked pages). Aside from firearms, for reasons of function and fashion, the arms and armament of the Noble Empire are prominent in Sumara. Traditional, “Western” versions are rare and not available without special permission.

Character Advancement

  • Characters level at the Fast rate of advancement (Core Rulebook page 30).
  • Instead of rolling for hit points after first level, characters gain half their hit dice roll potential in hit points each level, rounded up (1d4 = 3 hp, 1d6 = 4 hp, 1d8 = 5 hp, 1d10 = 6 hp, and 1d12 = 7 hp).

Main Page

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